AP Review Page
This page is yours to help you study for the AP Exam. Add your own ideas and questions as you prepare for the test.

The AP Exam in on

The final exam will be given in the Field House. The test is comprised of 75 multiple choice questions and 3 FRQs.

Possible Multiple choice break-down:
- 1% maps
- 11% population
- 9% migration
- 20% culture
- 9% political geo
- 11% development
- 15% agriculture
- 13% industry and services
- 7% urban

How to get your AP Scores in July

Follow the hyperlink above to learn how to access your AP scores.

Chart showing the FRQ subjects by year.

I have two practice tests that I will allow you to check out and practice on your own
There are old copes of AP Review books in my room. See me if you would like to check these out for a few days.

App Store:
App4Success $1.99
- Created by students who scored a 5 last year.

iScore5 - Created by Human Geo teachers who grade the AP test.

One Month AP Study Plan website

Teacher-Created You Tube Channel of review videos

Teacher-created Prezi for review

Another set of online flash cards (organized by units)

Human Geo Models Review

http://www.quia.com/pages/mrsbellaphg.html - This site has free online practice quizzes.

Document reviewing all of the key vocabulary words that are associated with migration.

PDF file of another review packet that highlights all of the key terms and concepts from the year.

PDF Grand Review Questions/Models

Use this worksheet to help you organize all of the models we have studied this year.

**I have a 68 page review guide that I can put on a USB for you, but it is too large to upload on the wik or to e-mail.

Don't forget to review your map quizzes. 2012 FRQ had you ID European countries from a map.

Feel free to upload your own study guides if you would like to share with others.