Women In Agriculture


Pick 3 boxes in a row. The middle box must be used in

your tic-tac-toe.

(1) You will fill out an article analysis for each square.

(2) You will work with your group to create a summary paragraph to describe what you have learned.

(3) Share you paragraph on Google Docs with Mrs. Martin

Closing the Gender Gap onthe Farm Could End WorldHungerhttp://www.takepart.com/article/2015/06/11/women-global-hunger-food

Gender Equality andWomens Empowerment

New Survey Shows ChangingRole of Women on Farms

Role of Rural Women inAgriculture==http://www.wfo-oma.com/women-in-agriculture/articles/the-role-of-rural-women-in-agriculture.html==
“Women expand their home on the range”== ==


“Sowing Seeds of Empowerment: Small Loans to Afghan Women Growers”


“Waterless in Marathwada: Farm crisis is extra hard on women.”


“Women in the Developing World Are Key to Global Food Security, but They Are Overlooked”


The Female Face of Farming



Food Maps

1. What the world eats interactive map

2. Can you identify the crop by where it is grown?
3. Maps of the 2007 Census of USA Agriculture
4. Finding Food Deserts in the USA interactive map
5. Where does your Thanksgiving dinner come from?Maps and Data.
6. What dairy does your milk come from? map it out!
7. Map out your recipe website

Food Articles

Farms in North Korea

1. 2007 Census of USA Agriculture
2. How much do families around the world spend on a week of food?
3. Flags of the world make from local country foods.
4. Afghanistan Opium Harvest Growing, not shrinking
5. Food Museum
6. Farming in the USA during the 1920's
7. World Hunger Statistics
8. Can the USA feed China? Article
9. U.S. Government's Feed the Future Initiative Helps Countries Cope with Rising Food Prices
10. McDonalds defends its food quality
11. How much water is needed to grow your favorite crops?

Genetically Modified Crops: Good or Bad?

Grocery Store Wars
The Meatrix 1,2, and 2 1/2
  • What position do you take? Why?

2011 Article - FDA and GMO's

Purple Tomatoes??? Good or bad for you?

Finding facts on GMOs in the USA
GMO Cheerios??

What you need to know about GMO's - The Atlantic

GMOs and altered foods- National Geographic

Organic Food Information

Organic Foods Profile

Are Organic foods safer? Mayo Clinic Article

Interview with USDA deputy secretary about organic food in the USA

Other food videos:

- What do US farmers grow?

-How does food shape our cities? TED talk

Chipotle Comercial: Bias????


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