Journey of a Modern Product Rubric:

- Use some of the videos and resources below to help you in your research.

How things are made.

Article on tracking how things are made.

Website on comparing life in other countries.

Poverty Quiz - Can you guess the current trends in global poverty correctly?

Websites used in class:
  1. World Bank GNI Per Capita
  2. Duke NGO Research
  3. Kiva- microlending
  4. Millennium Development Goals
  5. Somalia, the failed state
  6. Map of Economic Rankings by Country (Heritage Foundation)
  7. Africa needs better roads: The Economist
  8. Kenyan Child Bride
  9. Trafficking in China article
  10. Dancing boys in Afghanistan sold for sex. (video)
  11. Compare your life to the lives of people in other countries: My Life Elsewhere
  12. Where do the pre-printed shirts of the Super Bowl losers go?