Toponym Project
Follow the directions on the rubric to complete the project. Be creative. You may print or hand draw your project.

US Board on Geographic Names

Dialect Website
This is the website we looked at in class.

Take the survey on this page and look a the worldwide answers.

New site with video and audio clips of different American dialects.

What is the history behind different American dialects? Check out "Pittsburgheese"

Great video of 107 different American dialects.

    • There are more videos about accent on this You Tube Channel.

Great map of countries labeled in their native language

Map of the 2nd most spoken language in countries around the world. Check out Australia!

What will be the languages of the future around the world?

The 7 Best Dialect Quizzes

Ethnologue- great website about world language and their language families. Lots of maps and data!

Endangered Languages Map - Where are languages dying out??

Infographics on what languages are diffused around the world.

How do languages diffuse?

Articles to help you understand Language

New study on the origin of the Indo-European Language

Limited English Proficiency in American States

American Guide to British English for the Olympics

Irish Language

Problems Translating Chineese to English

Q and A with an Expert on Language

Languages in the USA Map

Pidgin becomes an official language in Hawaii.

Video on commodification of toponyms ( just for fun!