Use this page and the discussion tab to post your questions and study tips for the Midterm Exam.

Your exam will consist of 60 multiple choice questions, 2 FRQ, and 40 map identification questions.

You MUST be dressed in the appropriate school uniform (tie, shoes, sox(socks), shirt, etc.) or you will have to come back Friday to take the test.

Bring your own clean notebook paper for the FRQ portion of the exam. You will need about 4 sheets to be safe.

Study Tips

  1. Review all of your previous tests ( Ch.1-7) and map quizzes (1-8). You will not draw the maps for the test. I will give you outline maps and you must identify the countries, bodies of water, and land features that I mark.
  2. Review all of your vocabulary words.
  3. Outline ways that all of the information we have covered this semester links together.
  4. Think of examples from the review movie that go along with the main ides from the semester.
  5. Post questions on this page's discussion tab and answer questions from your classmates.
  6. Attempt the practice questions for each chapter that are on the book's website.
  7. Attempt the workbook questions for each chapter.
  8. Get a good night's sleep before our exam and eat breakfast.

Practice Question #1

Describe all of the various elements of an ethnic neighborhood. What sets it apart from other areas? What challenges do ethnic neighborhoods face? What would be a specific example of an ethnic neighborhood?

Practice Question #2

populationPyramid_2011.php populationPyramid_1991.php

What stage of the Demographic Transition Model would you classify Italy as being in in 1991? 2011?

What factors could have influence the changes in the population pyramids over the past 20 years?

What would you predict as the future for Italy's population? What would you advise Italy's government to do in terms of future population policies? Explain why you would advise the government in these ways

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