Migration Websites:

UNHCR Data - for more information on a particular country, click the link in the top right for "Mid-Year Statistics."

Migration Policy Institute

Yearbook of Immigration Statistics for the United States

Syria refugee simulation try this simulation to see if you would survive.

UN Refugee Simulator - what would you do as a refugee? Would you survive?

Refugees Living in Pittsburgh. - Pittsburgh is a host city to many people fleeing persecution around the world. Check out the latest data!

Stories from the Dadaab Refugee Camp (the largest in the world).

Interactive map showing internal migration of the USA

Interactive map showing where migrants from around the world settled in the USA over history.

Unique Interactive map of emigration and immigration worldwide by country.

India and Pakistan Border can be seen from space.


Amnesty Debate ProjectShould migrants who have come into the United States illegally be granted amnesty?
Your group is going to work to collect information and form arguments for the side of the issue that you have been assigned. (The group assignments are listed in the "Discussion" tab for this page.) The library has a variety of print resources on this topic that may be helpful. Try and use at least one non-internet sources. The rubric posted below contains the remainder of your directions. See Miss Newell if you have any questions.

Below are some links that may help you collect information for the debate. You may also want to check some of the websites rcommended on the "List of Websites" page to this website.

If you find a good site that you think should be added to the list, add the link.
Linsly Library online article databases

Bill of Rights Institute on Immigration

National Immigration Law Center

Department of Homeland Security

Immigration Amnesty

US Immigration Support

Public Agenda : Immigration

Pro and Con website

Article on the impact that migrants to Italy have on the remainder of Europe (2014)

Article on cost of immigrants to the USA 2016

Video from class: Mexico, Crimes at the Border

Video from class: CA Immigrants

Immigration laws
US Citizenship Test practice

Legal Immigration to the USA

How to become a citizen video

New French Laws for Citizenship

Guest Worker Information Links

These are the sites we looked at during class.

Russia Palm Island Company View Worker View

Saudi Arabia Guest Worker Ban

Jordan Guest Workers 2012



Other Helpful Sites

UN Refugee Agency

Map of the largest refugee camps in the world for 2015

UNHCR Refugee Data Source

Risks for African Migrants

Photographs of 20th and 21st Century Migrations.