Government and State Types Resources

Series of videos on the political geographic challenges of many world countries.

World Politics explained with Cows

The difference between nation and state in Russia.

Cyber Yugoslavia- Is it a real state???

Timeline History of the Kurds

Government Types around the world map.

Devolution in 2018??

Gerrymandering Resources

10 Worst Gerrymandered Districts

Gerrymandering and Math

Video on what Gerrymandering is and how it came about.

=Country Project on Political Geography

Article on the 5 state shapes

Crisis Watch Map of current World Disputes

Israel's Changing Borders interactive map with captions.

Border Disputes Resources

Top 10 Unusual Borders Worldwide

25 Most Controversial Borders 2013

Will the borders in the Middle East last?

20 Boarder disputes in Asia (with a map)

Maps of fences/walls built between states



"Revisiting the 'Pivot'" Mackinder Article. Read the article and complete the worksheet you received in class.

Website for article Scroll down to "2004" and it is the first article; "Revisiting the Pivot". It should come up as a PDF file.

Answer the questions on this worksheet.

"Foreign Policy By Map" article by John Hillen ( Feb 2015)