US Census data on International Demographics. (start here with your project)

2017 World Population Data Sheet

Worldometer shows real-time world population estimates.

World population pyramids

Population SImulator

CNN Population Interactive Map

Where are there more women than men?

Country Project #1: Population Data

You will submit your assignment on Google Docs and upload it to your portfolio after it is graded.

PRB World Population

Demographic Transition Model Info

BBC site explaining the Demographic Transition Model

Video explaining the Demographic Transition Model

US Population Articles

Look at population data of the USA by zip code

Population Braketology Challenge

2010 Census Study by USA Today

2010 Official Census Page

1/2 of the USA population lives in these few counties. Do you live in one of these?

Historical Population Maps of the USA from 1790-present

How Americans Die (great charts and graphics)

Articles to Read:

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Visual graphic explaining the data behind China's One Child Policy

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Census Bureau: World's 65 and Older Population Will Triple by 2050

Videos explaining population Growth