Gender Article Project

  1. Search reliable news sources for a current (in the last 12 months) article on some type of cultural gender issue (ie. disempowerment of one gender or exploitation of a gender,). You cannot use an article that we have discussed in class or that is linked on this wiki.
  2. Type the article's title as the subject of your post and paste the hyperlink in your message body.
    1. What argument is the author making?
    2. Do you agree or disagree with this author? Explain.

  1. After you have posted your article, you must read one classmate's post and post an appropriate reply.

All posts must be in by 8 AM on November 2nd, 2017 .

You cannot use the same article that a classmate has already posted!!!!!!

Rwanda's Genocide: Resources to help understand 1994.

History Channel quick facts and history of the genocide.

ISIS brides. Why do they go?

Women in Nepal are banished to live in huts once a month.

Teaching Afghan girls how to skateboard?

Taliban attempts to kill girl for attending school

Video on Taliban violence on girls schools in Pakistan (32 minutes)

Gang sells girls to drug lords and tourists

Race and Halloween Costumes

The War Against Girls article

Washington Post on Gender Abortions

Time Cover Story on Afghanistan Women

Video on Afghan Widows and lack of rights

Indian women demand toilets before wedding

What is Race? PBS series.

Check out this amazing set of dot maps!!

Colored People music video

Sesame Street Worldwide

Compare Ethnicities found in the USA interactive map

Pew Foundation graphic on different racial categories used by the US Census over the years.