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You need to search for a current news article about an ongoing religious conflict in the world. The article must have been published in the last 12 months. You cannot use the Israeli-Palestinian conflict or any other conflict from my Power Points.

- When you have found your news article, put the name of the article as the subject line.

- Provide your own summary of the article in the message body.

- Post a hyperlink to the article in the message body.

-You must post a response to an article submitted by two of your peers.

- No two people can use the same article.

This is due by 8:00 AM on December 4th.

Who is ISIS? PBS Frontline video

Differences in Islam Article

How should Muslim women dress? Survey of different countries.

Middle East Research and Information booklet on the conflicts in Israel

Hinduism- article on Dalit class in Hindu India



Frontline: Jesus in China

NY Times article on the French ban on religious garb in schools ( 2003)

Religion and Population booms. Is there a connection??

Israel Conflict

Detailed outline about the Israel- Palestine Conflict History

Great visual on the holy places at the Temple Mount

Professor talks about the Palestine Area that is today Israel.

Brown University videos on Israel-Palestine Conflict

Series of videos about the history of the Middle East and why there is so much conflict.